Alin Beit Noam Staff

The Alin Beit Noam Staff

The staff at Alin Beit Noam is comprised of a wide range of professional specialists with more than 100 employees and dozens of young volunteers as part of their National Service or pre-military voluntary service year.

The drive for equality at Alin Beit Noam can be seen not only among the young men and women who receive assistance through our organization but also among all of our staff members. All of the members of our team do everything. New employees and veterans, academics and non-academics, whether paid or volunteer, everyone does it all – rehabilitation, nursing and social activities, and one-on-one and group activities.

Our dedicated and highly skilled staff works with perseverance and determination for the members of Alin Beit Noam while striving for unbridled excellence and focus on the person and his or her abilities. The staff does everything they can in order to allow the participants to fulfill their capabilities as adults, while providing them with an opportunity to express their emotions, their needs and their abilities, from a place of awareness regarding their right to express themselves, communicate and take control of their lives.

For the volunteers (who come to us either for National Service or for a year of pre-military volunteer service), Alin Beit Noam serves as a meeting place for people from every walk of Israeli society. The volunteers themselves represent the diversity of Israel: They come from all across the political and socioeconomic spectrums; they live in cities, Kibbutzim, and settlements; they are religious and secular; native Israelis and new immigrants. For these young people, Alin Beit Noam serves as a melting pot where unity meets patience, tolerance, and acceptance of others and those who are different. Upon completion of their volunteer service, these young people head out into Israeli society with a solid, stable set of values.

They carry with them the values that they acquired through Alin Beit Noam and continue to spread them throughout the community.


Alin Beit Noam and our staff have been awarded a number of prizes for their work:

  • Keren Shalom Prize for 1997 and 2010 which was granted to the Alin Beit Noam staff in recognition of excellence in caring for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
  • The William Trump Ot HaChesed Award for 1998 was given to Mr. Iki Bar Haim, the Director of Alin Beit Noam, for his unparalleled commitment to people with developmental disabilities in Israel.
  • The Prof. Naomi Amir Award, Pediatric Neurologist, Shaare Zedek Medical Center, for 1999 was granted to Pnina Bialik, the professional director of Alin Beit Noam, for her contribution to people with developmental disabilities both at Alin Beit Noam and elsewhere.
  • The Prize of the Equal Rights Commission for People with Disabilities for 2017 for advancing social equality was granted to the Net.Friend Project at Alin Beit Noam for innovative activity in promoting social change in the community through collaborations with people with disabilities.
  • The Nekudat Or prize for 2017 from the Disability Administration at the Ministry of Labor, Welfare and Social Services was granted to the Alin Beit Noam staff for the development of services for people with complex intellectual and physical disabilities.
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