Information for Riders

Information for cyclists

 The Ride Kadima 2020 bike ride offers one of three routes:

  • The long road route is 90 km, beginning at the Mukhraka (Keren Carmel) parking lot .
  • The medium road route is 50 km beginning at Amikam.
  • The short field route is a 20 km circular route beginning and ending in Ilanot Forest.he route goes from  the Mukhraka through Giv’at Harakafot via the Golani training base to Regavim, through Amikam, Binyamina, Pardesiya and along Road 4 to Kiryat Elga in the Ilanot KadimaForest.

Cyclists are welcome  to use mountain bikes on the road if they choose.

There are two ways to reach the starting line:

  1. Cyclists can come to Ilanot Kadima Forest independently and transportation will be provided to the starting line.
  2. Cyclists can come to the starting line on their own.

There will be a vehicle accompanying cyclists along the entire route. Bicyclists may choose to ride in the vehicle at any stage.

There will be refreshment points with snacks and drinks for cyclists along the route.

Security for the bike ride will be provided by the Israel Police and there will be an ambulance and bicycle technicians to help cyclists as needed along the way.

The bike ride will end at the Kiryat Elga construction site, future home ofThe Neighborhood of Unlimited Possibilities,  currently being built by Alin Beit Noam in the Ilanot Kadima Forest. We will hold a short ceremony there with snacks and drinks for all our cyclists .

Transportation back to the starting line will be provided at the end of the ceremony.

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