We would like to invite bike riders, company representatives, as well as Friends of Alin Beit Noam and volunteers to join Alin Beit Noam’s Ride Kadima 2020 campaign. Our goal is to raise funds for the organization’s members, people with complex physical and intellectual disabilities.

During the Ride Kadima 2020 campaign, we will be hosting a bike trip that combines an opportunity to participate in a truly unique adventure while also giving back to the community. This is the third bike trip that Alin Beit Noam is hosting. The previous bike trips were an overwhelming success as you can see from the photos and responses posted by our riders.

This year, our riders will be enjoying an amateur on-road trip along one of three routes graced with stunning scenery: a 90 km route, a 50 km route, and a 20 km route. The ride will start at Muhraqa (keren Karmel) and end at Kiryat Elga – The Neighborhood of Unlimited Possibilities – currently being built by the organization in the Ilanot Kadima Forest. Security for the trip will be provided by the Israel Police and emergency assistance vehicles will be there to provide assistance to our hundreds of riders.

We see each and every one of you who choose to take part in this campaign as partners on our journey!

It is thanks to you that our journey and our campaign will be a success.

Your commitment makes it possible for us to continue to provide our members – people with severe disabilities – with an opportunity to have meaningful and satisfying lives with maximum independence and full utilization of their capabilities.